Toughness, taste, and consistency are three values that represent Animo. These adjectives are perfectly characterized by our distinctive symbol, the albatross. Its elegance and magnificence in flight is our source of inspiration, always flying high with grace. 

Like the albatross’s long journeys, we have taken our own path to create projects that have led us to reach our goals of becoming a brand that symbolizes forward-thinking and evolution in equestrian apparel and accessories.


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Anna Scarpati

ASUP - Anna Scarpati is an Italian company born from the passion for horses. Originally it offered mainly a full collection of horse, stable and rider accessories all Made in Italy. ASUP - Anna Scarpati it developed a lot and presently it offers also a selection of special seasonal clothing for riders and a very useful and easy stock basic collection service always available both for adult and pony.
The attention to detail, selection of materials together with the great value of Animo know-how are the points distinguishing this brand. Its catalog is designed to explain how the entire collection is structured in a simple way, as well as to allow to order all products easily.

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Each item in the Arista Equestrian collection is meticulously crafted with both comfort and functionality in mind for riding, yet it's so beautifully designed that it seamlessly transitions into a lifestyle piece. Our collection showcases stylish details that breathe new life into classic equestrian aesthetics, with tonal dyed-to-match colors that coordinate effortlessly for a cohesive wardrobe. Arista Equestrian sets itself apart from competitors with its sophisticated designs and colors, creating a unique and distinctive aesthetic.

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Arthur Court/Vagabond House

Vagabonds House's large round cheese board with artfully hand-crafted pewter horse bit embellished,

is created from resilient and chatoyant acacia hardwood.

The perfect board to serve your selection of fine cheeses and / or cold cuts and to be the talk of your table for a life time.

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Casual Wear

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Deniro Boots

Founded back in 1981 in the geographical “heel of the boot” of Italy, DeNiroBootCo is the result of a love and passion for the equestrian sports. In fact, even today, our goal is to create diverse, handmade, comfortable, durable and fashionable designs.

DeNiro boots are expertly handcrafted in Casarano, Italy, by skilled artisans steeped in the proud tradition of shoemaking. Attention to detail, use of the finest leathers and a flair for innovation have been the hallmarks of the DeNiro brand for more than 30 years.

Every boot is designed and customized, placing the utmost attention to detail. Precisely for this reason, all choices, technical and style, are designed to combine elegance and luxury with comfort and performance


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Ear Bonnets/Fly Veil

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Equestrian Stockholm

Elevate your equestrian lifestyle with our handpicked selection of luxurious riding wear and horse gear. From the arena to the stable, our collections are designed to make you and your horse to perform your best while feeling your best.

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Gift Voucher

What a perfect way to say thankyou

By giving a loved one,a gift voucher

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and we have lots of goodies to spoil someone

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