Montar has stood as an esteemed brand for numerous years, specializing in the production of traditional riding apparel. In 2007, the new owners, Morten and Birgitte, recognized the growing need to infuse more fashion into the equestrian industry. This pivotal moment marked the genesis of House of Montar.

Founded upon a fusion of functionality and fashion, House of Montar embodies the mission of "when fashion and function unite." We cater to discerning riders who prioritize quality without compromise. At Montar, compromise is non-existent; we remain aligned with the latest trends in fashion and innovation. Our collections undergo continuous refinement, allowing you to shape your distinctive personal style. Embodying various colors and trendy styles, our products epitomize superior quality. Inspired by contemporary fashion yet designed for timeless appeal, our creations aim for enduring sophistication.

Riding in Montar apparel isn’t just about comfort and style; it’s about feeling confident and harmonized with your passion and personal expression. Being unique is what makes both you and Montar different.