Ronner Design

The Rönner brand began as an independent tack shop in Bogotá, Colombia founded in 1995 by our mother, Ines Rönner. A few years earlier, she had ventured from her native Germany to South America on what was meant to be a two-week holiday. The Latin lifestyle immediately captivated her, and she decided to stay, starting a family and creating a new home for her passion for horses. Today, we, Ines’ two daughters, have taken the reins of the business, building Rönner into a global destination for equestrian style crafted with creative flair, quality, and care. Our customers all around the world are connected to one another through their devotion to horses. It is a love that transcends language and culture. And, as our mother’s life has taught us, it’s a passion with the power of the most daring dreams. Welcome to Rönner. We wish you an inspiring ride. —sisters Carin and Jessi Stellabatti