Zoom Animo LEB Dressage Tails Black
Zoom Animo LEB Dressage Tails Black
Zoom Animo LEB Dressage Tails Black

Animo LEB Dressage Tails Black

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Animo Italia is one of the most sought after and fashionable equestrian clothing brands in the world.

With a focus on innovation, style and function, Animo is a leader in both casual and competition equestrian wear.

All Animo products are made in Italy, and use the best in innovative designs and materials to cater for the modern competitive rider. Unlike most other equestrian clothing companies,

Animo only release two collections per year, making every garment a ‘limited edition’ and ensuring clothing exclusivity. 

Stunning NEW Dressage tails from ANIMO with subtle Black/white crystal on the collar and points,just enough details to make a very ELEGANT jacket,

Lightweight and Lots of stretch make this Performance Jacket a MUSTHAVE from Animo

The brand we all love for FIT and Cut on all shapes and sizes,

handpicked for details while staying comfortable and Fresh,

See our Other jackets for superior fit and Cut,

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